Switch IP/MPLS 10GE e 100GE

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DM4270 24XS+2CX

Product Overview

The DM4270 family of switches provides high switching capacity to meet the increasing demands of IP traffic aggregation in metro ethernet networks, high-capacity enterprise networks and top-of-rack datacenter applications, always providing high performance and reliability.

Based on the DmOS network operating system, the DM4270 switches ensure robustness and high availability services on a platform with support for a number of L2, L3 and MPLS functionalities, among which stand out MPLS L2VPN and L3VPN applications support. All packet forwarding, ACL filtering and QoS policies are done in HW, ensuring wirespeed operation.

The switches have 1U height and are ready for 19 inches standard rack installation. Both models have two hot swappable slots for redundant AC or DC universal power source units, assuring high availability services and operation.

Key Features

Wire Speed, with L2, L3 and MPLS forwarding, filtering and QoS done on hardware level

IEEE802.1Q VLAN with Q-in-Q and VLAN Translate capabilities

Link Aggregation and LACP

Support for ring applications through EAPS or ERPS protocols

STP/RSTP for loop protection

L2 Slow Protocol Tunneling (L2CP)

Static routing and dynamic routing through OSPF and BGP protocols

Virtual IP redundancy through VRRP protocol

Point-to-point and multipoint MPLS applications though VPWS and VPLS services

Support for IP VPN services over MPLS (L3VPN)

QoS functionalities like IEEE 802.1p, DSCP and Rate Limit

TACACS and RADIUS for management access policies


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