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Product Overview

NIM-4MFT-T1/E1= is a Cisco Voice/WAN Module (4-port T1/E1) for ISR 4000 series. Cisco® Fourth-Generation 1-, 2-, 4-, and 8-Port T1/E1 Multiflex
Trunk Voice and WAN Network Interface Modules (NIMs) support data and voice applications on the Cisco 4000 Integrated Services Routers
(Figure 1). These cards combine WAN-interface-card (WIC), voice-interface-card (VIC), ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI), dial-access integration,
and channelized-data (CE1T1) functions to provide superior flexibility, versatility, and investment protection through their many uses. Customers
who choose to integrate data and voice in multiple steps preserve their investment in a T1/E1 WAN interface. These NIMs are not supported with
Cisco 2900 and 3900 Integrated Services Routers.


Model: NIM-4MFT-T1/E1=

Number of Ports: 4
Clear-Channel Data: Yes
MFT Packet Voice: Yes
Unstructured E1 (G.703) Support: No
Channelized Data: No
Configuration Description: MFT Modules

Serial data (channel-group*): 2 per port
E1 unframed G.703: Not Supported

Voice channel associated signaling (CAS) (ds0-group**):
-24 per port (T1)
-31 per port (E1)
-1 per timeslot


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