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Product Overview

The GT’s integrated G.8032v2 Ethernet Ring support provides resilient, carrier-grade access
with sub-50ms failover protection. Complemented by MEF 2.0 Certification, this Network
Performance Element seamlessly interoperates in multi-vendor deployments. The GT’s
integrated turn-up testing, standards-based+ real-time L2 & 3 performance monitoring,
granular traffic conditioning and MEF 10.3 hierarchical QoS (H-QoS) capabilities make it an
all-inclusive, streamlined edge-networking solution.

Key Applications
Mobile operators deploying Carrier Ethernet backhaul to macro-cell sites value the GT’s
combined networking and standards-based QoS monitoring capabilities, powered by a
lightning-fast programmable FPGA architecture. The unit’s exceptional reliability, NEBS
certification, versatile power options and layer 3 TWAMP Light (Y.5357) performance
monitoring also make it the perfect fit for outdoor small cell deployments.
Leading providers also deploy the GT over international footprints to establish, assure and
optimize SLA-backed business services. Integration with Accedian automation and
visualization platforms simplifies large-scale provisioning, data collection and reporting,
while the industry’s fastest micro-shaping technology delivers up to 800% increased TCP
throughput for off-net business services and data center connectivity.
The GT interoperates with Accedian Performance Elements, Modules, Actuators and
programmable Performance Platforms to deliver a scalable core-to-edge performance
assured networking solution tailored to your applications.


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