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Product Overview

Accedian Networks’ High Performance Service Assurance™ platform the EtherNID® and
MetroNID® demarcation units, define the boundaries of the network, enabling end-to-end
service provisioning and assurance with carrier-grade performance.
The EtherNID and MetroNID units are based on Accedian’s wire-speed Fast-PAAs™ chip,
a unique hardware-based engine that provides advanced performance testing and service
creation capabilities in a low delay, carrier-grade, in-line hybrid test and network element
for compact and cost-efficient deployment at the boundaries of the network.
Unlike store-and-forward architectures, Fast-PAAs’ proprietary silicon design provides
wire-speed pass-through performance without adding delay or delay variation, while at
the same time providing microsecond measurement resolution and real-time processing
for every packet flowing through the unit.

Service Assurance Features
• Loopback Functionality
– Layer 1, Layer 2 (MAC Swap), Layer 3 (IP Swap), Layer 4 (TCP/UDP Port Swap).
– Automatically reacts to in-band loopback requests sent from popular 3rd party Ethernet test-sets, as well as 802.3ah / Y.1731 OAM loopback commands.
– Loopback on specific VLANs, source/destination MAC/IP address(es), Ethertype,
protocol type, service class, or any logical combination.
– Loopback on specific MAC/IP source and/or destination address.
• Thru-Traffic Per-flow statistics
– Stats per VLAN, Ethertype, ToS, CoS, MAC, IP, etc.
– Stores up to 7 days of local and remote historical packet statistics in user configurable
history buckets (typically set from 1-15 minutes).
– Monitor up to 60 concurrent flows on MetroNID TE-R and TE-RS, 16 flows on other
• Dual Monitor Access Ports providing individual access to both signal directions,
combined access to both directions and intelligent filtering
– Up to 100Mpbs of traffic can be monitored from each port.
• Fast Fault Propagation, <20 ms on all interfaces, client and network ports
• Dual protected uplink option for network side connection5
– Protection using active / standby, based on link status or LACP/LAG, <50ms
• Dual protected uplink option for client side connection
– Protection using active / standby, based on link status
• Link Loss Return
• OAM Functionality
– IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet OAM
– IEEE 802.1ag Service Layer OAM (Connectivity Fault Management)
– ITU-T Recommendation Y.1731
– Management Access Control List
– TWAMP-Lite
• Dying Gasp (via 802.3ah or SNMP traps)
• Integrated Copper TDR cable integrity testing
• Optical Digital Diagnostics (SFF-8472) with threshold crossing alerts via SNMP
• Jumbo Frames support for all features (up to 10,240 bytes)
Performance Assurance Agent (PAA™)
• Continuous in-service monitoring of Layer 2 and 3 SLA parameters, unicast or
– One-way and Round-Trip Delay
– One-way and Round-Trip Delay Variation
– One-way Packet Loss
– IGMP Group join / leave delays


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