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A programmable, patented dual-plane FPGA architecture powers the LT’s unique
combination of wire-speed Carrier Ethernet service delivery complemented by integrated
Service Activation Testing (SAT), layer 2 Service OAM, layer 3 TWAMP Light monitoring
and MEF 10.3 certified hierarchical QoS enforcement (H-QoS) – all the tools to establish,
validate, monitor, aggregate and optimize L2 & L3 services in a single, compact unit.
With G.8032v2 resilient Ethernet ring support and EVC add/drop capabilities, the LT
provides network architects with a flexible and scalable alternative to switches and routers
when delivering resilient services over optical ring topologies.

Key Applications
The LT’s flexibility and standards-based performance assured networking feature set make
it an ideal edge, aggregation or External-Network-to-Network Interface (ENNI) unit for
demanding 3G/LTE wireless backhaul, SLA-backed business services, Ethernet wholesale
and dark fiber termination applications. Switch-free-aggregation offers near-zero latency
multi-tenant and multi-operator endpoints.
The LT’s scalable flow-processing capabilities also make it an ideal head-end probe to
establish µ-second precise, network-wide performance monitoring and for standards-based,
automated turn-up testing to validate and benchmark SLAs.
The LT interoperates with Accedian Performance Elements, Modules, Actuators and
programmable Performance Platforms to deliver a scalable core-to-edge performance
assured networking solution tailored to your applications


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