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Wire-Speed Performance

At the core of the EtherNID� is Accedian’s unique Fast-PAAs™ hardware-based processor which enables the unit to provide microsecond measurement resolution for one-way delay and delay variation, and monitor up to 100 flows or SLAs – all while traffic flows transparently through the unit. The Fast-PAAs silicon core architecture eliminates the delay of store-and-forward processing of Ethernet switches and routers, providing the lowest de�lay solution available today. With quality of service (QoS) marking, bandwidth profile enforcement and traffic conditioning on the highest capacity network links, the EtherNID effortlessly handles 16 flows in a full line-rate link with mere microsecond transit time.

Service Assurance

  • End-to-End OAM Functionality. Intelligent, standards-based Operations, Administration and Management
  • RFC-2544 Traffic Generator and Analyser. Advanced tool based on the RFC-2544 standard that can be used to generate traffic Layer-2 or Layer-3 traffic at different rates, packet sizes, durations and traffic patterns, allowing to measure and diagnose throughput, delay, delay variation, frame loss, and detect and count out-of-order or duplicate packets.
  • Throughput SLA Meter™ Performance Monitoring. Monitor continuity and measure delay, delay variation, frame loss and availability, including 1-way performance validation with microsecond resolution.
  • Intelligent Layer 1, 2, 3 and 4 Loopbacks. In-service Layer 1-2-3-4 loopbacks per-flow, defined by VLAN, Class of Service, MAC / IP addresses or any combination of layer 2-4 header criteria.
  • Per-Flow Statistics. Real-time statistics of any Layer 2-3 and 4 flow (VLAN, ToS, CoS, MAC, IP, TCP/UDP).
  • Tapping & Monitoring. Single or dual monitor ports, filtered, real-time access to unidirectional or bidirectional traffic.
  • In-Service Throughput Testing. Throughput verification of EVCs in-service without affecting customer traffic. EtherNID and MetroNID units generate and analyse traffic flows up to full wire-speed at both Layer 2 and Layer 3.

Service Creation & Traffic Conditioning

  • Ethernet Service Mapping. E-Line, E-LAN and E-Tree service creation directly at the demarcation point
  • Bandwidth Policing. Upstream and downstream CIR/EIR/CBS/EBS limits by filtering criteria or for all traffic, facilitates Carrier Ethernet service provisioning and on-demand/incremental service upgrades.
  • Wire-speed Traffic Filtering. Filtering of wire speed traffic at Layer 2-3 and 4 (per VLAN, Ethertype, Protocol type, MAC, IP, L2CP, BDPU, User Defined).

Management & General Details

  • Plug & Go™ Instant Provisioning. Automated zero-touch provisioning, auto-configuration and inventory tracking.
  • RADIUS Authentication and Security Support
  • Jumbo Fames Support
  • 5VDC, or dual 24 / 48 VDC feeds, all mutually redundant
  • SNMP v1 & v2c
  • MEF 9+14 and NEBS Level 3 Certified
  • Temperature Hardened Option
  • Copper Failover Bypass Circuit
  • Test Set Support & Triple-Play QoS Testing


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