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Product Overview

The Nano Module employs a fully-featured FPGA capable of active Ethernet testing and
traffic generation, in a compact, power-efficient footprint—without compromising
performance, scalability, and precision. This makes Accedian Modules an ideal fit for cost
and space-sensitive applications, where performance is a key service differentiator.
The next-generation Nano leverages the same capabilities as the first generation device,
plus more advanced features like traffic management (regulators, QoS, policing, VLAN tag
manipulation), fine-grained flow metering (bandwidth monitoring), and FlowBROKER™—
the unique remote packet capture functionality available with the SkyLIGHT™ VCX

Key Applications
The densification of service endpoints demands cost-effective QoS visibility with the
accuracy and low-latency performance unmatched by merchant silicon. Wire-speed
processing ensures peak performance in demanding small cell / LTE backhaul, and
business services vCPE applications.
The Nano Modules enhance existing legacy network elements, and enrich green field
deployments with added performance assurance functionality, saving truck rolls and driving
down operational expenses to fit cost-competitive business models. The Modules can be
installed in-line or out, allowing service providers to upgrade legacy networks without
With the additional capabilities provided with the next-generation Nano, operators can gain
deeper insights about the performance of their network. For example, with FlowBROKER,
operators can now obtain further details about the QoE of the streaming media services
(YouTube, Netflix, etc.) they provide to their end customers.
Sharing the same firmware and field-upgradable FPGA-based hardware architecture, Nano
Modules interoperate with first generation Modules as well as all Accedian Performance
Elements, actuators, virtual controllers and programmable platforms to deliver a scalable
core-to-edge performance-assured networking solution tailored to your applications.


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